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Death Penalty (the)

Death Penalty (the)

"The Death Penalty" - is the
strongest (the highest) punishment which have been ever existed in the world. Besides this punishment is irrevibilsity
Most executions are held in China, Iran, Pakistan, the United States and Iraq.
In Polish society for many years majority of people have been thinking that government should restore this cruel p

In 2004 lower house was close to fulfil expectations of citizens.

However if even members of Parliament passed the Act, which will set up "the Death Penalty" for the most cruel or sadistic murders, they couldn't apply it in practice, because for instance article 2 of the "Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union" forbids to apply this punishment by signatories (Poland is one of them).

There are a lot of controversy with regard to this matter, but one is certain, discussion about "the Death Penalty" will appear in the future many times, particulary by next and another elections. 

"The Death Penalty" is called also "capital punishment" or "execution".

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