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Is incarceration always the best solution? Why ? Why not ?

Is incareation always the best solution ? Why ? Why not ?

I must tell You that in my opinion incarceration is a very bad idea.
It seems to me that, when we deprive somebody freedom we don't procure that world would be better. Isolation of indvidual person c
an bring only bad results. In other words "human being" shouldn't life in separation of the rest of world, if some day we decide to release it. 

Programme of rehabilitation, wich are use - for example - in Polish prisons are on very low level. In our country realities convicts, even for
- comparatively small crimes - after they stay in prison become often much more adapt for crime – life than they were on freedom. For example – in Poland are 85 crminial – institution of different kinds, but it seems to me that majority of them don’t engage to improve moral state of people who spend there their sentence. 

The point I’m trying to make is preperation some kind of activity for person, which don’t
commit a big crime in aim to restoration convicts for the society. In other words prison should be a some kind of „school” to teach them how live in the contemporary world, without agression and with respect for the law.

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