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Saturday Night Fever


The last film, that I have watched was "Saturday Night Fever". This film was the first movie to show the world of disco dancing. It was made in nineteen seventyseven (1977). The main star of this project was John Travolta. Director John Badham.

Before "Saturday Night Fever" John Travolta was a TV actor, but he wasn''t well - known. After this film, he become suddenly the world''s number one sex symbol.

John Travolta''s character in "Saturday Night Fever" is nineteen - year old Tony Manero. He lives with his family in New York. Tony has a boring job in a paint shop during the week, but every Saturdays nights he puts on a white suit and goes to Disco two tausend one (2001) in Brooklyn to dance. 

On the dance floor he ia a diffrent person - he comes alive. He wins the competition for the best disco dancer in Brooklyn, but he decides gives his price to couple, who took second place. Tony will completely channge his own life. Thanks to his girlfiend he gets life in own hand and he try to escape from bad surroundigs to new, better world, without prostitution, drugs or non - stop gang fights.

Tony also remember a history of his brother, which become priest only, because his parents, particularly mother - wanted that from him.
The songs and music for the film were all made by a top Australian group called "the Bee Gees". The songs, like "Night Fever" and "Stayin'' Alive" were instant hits in discos all over the world by many years.

"Saturday Night Fever" is a music drama, which shows how hardly is live in slums and poor district, whitout any future. This film proves also, that if somebody strongly want something he usually will have chance to fight for this, what he want.

I like this movie very much, because he shows that man can do everything, even change his life habits, if he loves somebody and will be something more than only a dancer.

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