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Will Europe change into the new USA?

Will Europe change into the new USA?

It seems to me that the European Union will never be community like the United States first of all – "old continent ” had a difficult history and at least of this reason UE can become strong confederation but never an organism as „uncle Sam”.

Europe is a region of the world which has many of great civilizations l
ike for instance -> Greece, Rome, England, Poland etc. etc., the U.S. is a conglomerate of people from the different parts of Earth. The point of American culture is much more various ideologically than in Europe. Obviously I don’t say that EU is „out of fashion”, but European leader’s can’t sometimes have an agreement. 

I wish that EU wolud be a very strong oragnisation, consisting of high – developed homelands, in which people can live in freedom and in peace. I would like to say that UE is a one big association of nations, which can protect business of their own
citizens. Maybe one day my dreams will come true.

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